Nameless One (nameless__one) wrote,
Nameless One


Начнёшь читать The Times, а там тако-о-о-о-ое:

Indeed, there are still some people who believe that poverty can be abolished by the issue of printed bits of paper.
Every country, led by the United States, has been issuing money, often in very large amounts, in order to bail out its banks. No one knows the total value of these national injections of cash into the banking systems. As the earlier injections have not restored stability to national economies, further injections inevitably will be made. All will be made in unconvertible currency, and overissue will occur.

У меня было впечатление что людей с такими взглядами отстреливают на дальних подходах к мэйнстреймовым медиа :)
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