Nameless One (nameless__one) wrote,
Nameless One

Кризисные выверты.

Пришли братки и потребовали денег:

Saab, the Swedish carmaker owned by America's General Motors (GM), could go bust within ten days without an immediate injection of state aid, the US company warned last night.

Однако же:

“The Swedish state and taxpayers in Sweden will not own car factories,” Maud Olofsson, the industry minister, said.

Что особенно примечательно:

"When I see that Saab has been running at a loss for so many years it would be irresponsible for me to stand here and say, sure, we are going to use the taxpayers money in this way. I don't think I was elected to do that," she said.

Вы спросите в чём тут выверт. Выверт тут в том что оплотом капитализма у нас вроде как считается US of A, а скандинавские страны традиционно полагались если не социалистическими, то весьма близкими к таковым.
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