Nameless One (nameless__one) wrote,
Nameless One

просто не могу удержаться чтобы не перепостить очередной Маш

POPE Benedict XVI has told Gordon Brown that he has believed some crazy things in his time but he's not buying that crap.
"Listen chum, I believe that a 14 year-old girl got pregnant by the 'Holy Spirit' and that the child was the Son of God and also God at the same time, whatever that means."
The Pontiff added: "It doesn't take some kind of genius Pope to work out that your problems are based on a weak regulatory system and excessive government debt, both of which have been your responsibility for 11 and a half years.

"Not your fault? Get the fuck out of my office."

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  • Ковидные хроники. Endgame.

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