Nameless One (nameless__one) wrote,
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По ссылке у bbb - статья с рассуждениями о том кто именно слил:

Статья меня особо не заинтересовала, наверное я просто do not care.

Но вот этот пассаж доставил:

Besides, for most IT people, the server is a vast repository of unnecessary files kept by the bloviating sheep who use their computers, interesting only in that they take up an extravagently excessive amount of space on the server.  Even if they wanted to leak, unless there's a big folder called "Secret Embassy Communications" they wouldn't know where to look.

Of course, I wouldn't exactly put it past someone in the state department to have created a folder titled "Top Secret Embassy Communications: Please Steal and Give to Julian Assange".  IT people are constantly being astounded by the new and dangerous tricks their users think up.
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